Coping strategies during the pandemic

                                      Psychological Coping During a Pandemic

Psychologists are experts in stress & anxiety management & we encourage all Albertans to take a deep breath & follow these simple steps to ease your mind, promote your psychological health, & channel your “energy” into more adaptive & beneficial reactions:

 • Maintain Perspective. The virus isn’t under our control but many things are — focus on those.

 • Be Prepared. Follow the advice of Alberta Health, be prepared, & be realistic.

• Informed, not Overloaded. Stay updated only through trustworthy sources & only daily.

 • Create a new Normal. Maintain or develop structure & routines to create a sense of security.

• Relax. Practice anxiety management — mindfulness, mediation, prayer, relaxation, etc.

 • Physical Activity helps reduce anxiety & encourages a sense of well-being & control.

 • Uncover the Positives. Use this time to reconnect with yourself, friends, & family in new ways.

• Learn Something New. Read, practice music, dance, & art engage our creative selves.

 • Lend a Hand. Help out others in your life & remind them that we will get through this together

The idea is to focus on that which you can control & change. We must all practice social distancing, & perhaps self-isolation, but we get to decide how we spend that time & what we choose to dwell on.

Still struggling? Professional help is available. Psychologists are still practicing today – many now via telepsychology.