How Decodable Books Support Struggling Readers

By Michele Pentyliuk, Registered Psychologist Decodable books are ideal for children learning to read or those who struggle to read because they include: words with phonics patterns that have been taught. high frequency words that have been taught.  This allows children to practice reading with spelling patterns and high frequency words they have practiced. Sounding […]

Should My Child Go into a Split Grade?

By Sylvia Hannah, Reading Specialist A look of panic always comes across parents’ faces when it’s suggested that their child will likely be in a split grade the following year. There are many things to consider, particularly if your child is struggling to acquire basic skills, has difficulty managing the workload, or is easily overwhelmed […]

Coping strategies during the pandemic

                                      Psychological Coping During a Pandemic Psychologists are experts in stress & anxiety management & we encourage all Albertans to take a deep breath & follow these simple steps to ease your mind, promote your psychological health, & channel your “energy” into more adaptive & beneficial reactions:  • Maintain Perspective. The virus isn’t under our […]

Subtle signs of depression By Carolyn Barker

Typically, we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually equipped enough to face the challenges of day to day living. When the challenge recedes, we can bounce back and enjoy the good times. Occasionally, however, we can become overwhelmed by the number of challenges we have to face or the nature of the challenges, making it […]

New Learning Tools Make it Easier to Learn the Rules of the Road!

Driver education should help turn novice drivers into expert drivers. In the past, inflexible, one-size-fits-all curricula created unintentional barriers to learning. Learners for whom English is a Second Language or individuals with disabilities were particularly vulnerable. Even learners who were identified as “average” may not have had their learning needs met due to poor curricular […]

The Dyslexia Myth

Put up your hand if think that people with dyslexia have difficulties with letter and word reversals. From where I am sitting, it looks to me like most of you have your hand raised. I can’t really see you of course, but my experience tells me that the majority of people, even teachers, believe that […]