New Learning Tools Make it Easier to Learn the Rules of the Road!

Driver education should help turn novice drivers into expert drivers. In the past, inflexible, one-size-fits-all curricula created unintentional barriers to learning. Learners for whom English is a Second Language or individuals with disabilities were particularly vulnerable. Even learners who were identified as “average” may not have had their learning needs met due to poor curricular design.

Fortunately, increased awareness of the range of learning styles as well as new technologies have changed the face of driver education. Preparing for the learner’s test by reviewing the handbook and hoping for the best is no longer the only way to go. Learning tools have emerged that make the process more effective and engaging. Dexa Stoutjesdyk and Michele Pentyliuk, both Registered Psychologists with North Land Family Counselling Group, combined their efforts to create the Learner’s Licence Prep Kit and the Learner’s Licence Prep Kit App. The Prep Kit cards and app are based on the Driver’s Handbook which has been condensed into manageable “bites” of information.

The Prep Kit cards and app are interactive learning tools that improve understanding and retention by simplifying concepts and providing a format that allows for self-test. One of the most important principles of learning is to differentiate information that is known from information that needs more practice – there is little point studying what you already have mastered. Both the Prep Kit cards and the app are formatted in a way to allow this kind of practice. Both formats also provide clear graphics, definitions and concise information. Many multiple choice tests are available on-line and in the app stores. These tools are a great way to test your knowledge once information has been practiced. They are not ideal for initial learning, however. Multiple choice formats rely on recognition of facts rather than recall. When driving, we want our new drivers to be able to recall essential information on demand.

Michele and Dexa are pleased to announce that the app is now available in the Apple App store. In addition to the above mentioned features, the app includes links to informative videos. The Android version is also in the works, so watch for it.

To learn more about the Prep Kit cards and the app, visit or watch this snappy little video.

100% of the proceeds of the sales of Alberta’s Learner’s Licence Prep Kits go the Learning Disability Association of Alberta’s Right to Read project. A portion of all app sales in Alberta also go towards funding this project.

Download the app here!